Mona Lisa आज कहां है?

Mona Lisa  आज कहां है?🤔🤔🤔

Mona Lisa   आज कहां है?

Mona Lisa is a famous portrait of the world. This painting was painted by Leon and Devi ji between 1503 and 1506. Monalisa from Cisco del Rio was the wife of two, so she was also called by the name of Kauni Lagi.  The story of this picture is kept in a museum called People is very interesting. Leonardo da Vinci started drawing this picture when he was 1 year old and Monalisa was 24 years old.  Lisa used to come to his studio every afternoon after three years of hard work, which was completed by this picture, Leonard was mesmerized by seeing the beauty of it in his own picture.  Is a person who is attracted by seeing a strange drug is polluted by the eyes, looking at this picture one time, and wants to see it again due to all these things  Mr. Leonard was stunned, so he did not give this picture to the husband of the human lisson, whenever he postponed it from him that it has not been completed, wherever he went, he took this picture with him, then the king of the valley gave it to him.  He said that he had given 4 grams of gold to France, but his authority over it was only after that the king lived under the authority of the Maharajas. 450 years was stolen from the search.  As Ua There are people today,,,,,

(Edited by Prafull Gautam )

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