cadbary chocolate success story


Dear readers In this post we will learn about the story of cadbary chocolate.  That will affect you very much  The story of Cadbury Chocolate is very special, read it further and enjoy ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

cadbary chocolate

cadbury chocolates The story starts with a boy JohnCadbury.  He was in Britain's Birmingham.  They promoted direct relations with the deity.  He was not allowed to teach in good schools and for this reason he was not able to get a good job.  The only option they had was their own business.

 So after completing his education, he started working in a coffee shop and later started his own shop.

cadbary chocolate

cadbury chocolates

During the early days of his shop, he used to sell tea, coffee and chocolate drinks.  And later got good response for their chocolate drinks.  He converted his shop into a full time chocolate drink shop.  They started selling 16 kinds of chocolate shakes.  And in the 15 year period,

 Cadbury chocolates became very famous for Shake. Later he also included his brother Benjamin in his business and started his own factory.


 Cadbury was always known for its quality.  That's why Cadbury was given a royal warrant certificate.  This certificate was given to only those companies with the best quality.  And later Cadbury became famous throughout Britain.  Later Benjamin decided to leave Cadbury due to some misunderstanding.  So he gave Richard and George the responsibility of the company to his two sons.  The only mystery to be successful in this world is to change over time.  After the involvement of Richard and George, there were many changes that were successful in a big way.  Let's start exporting our product to other countries in this Cadbury.

 cadbury chocolates


 Cadbury's founder died on May 11, 1889, and after 10 years his son Richard died too.  So Georgi decided to do something before his retirement which could do something great.  His new invention brought the company to a much higher level.  In 1905 he tested the combination of choke powder milk and sugar, which was very good, and even when it was dried it was even more.  He was researching about it since 1897.  So with this great idea

 The invention of cadbury chocolates was what people are still enjoying.

 After writing so much about cadbury chocolates, I can not control myself so I'm going to buy one for myself.  So is the day of goodbye and a chocolate.

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