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  • Mesopotamia is basically made up of two words- Meso- potamia, meaning Meso U means middle (middle) and potamiya meaning river, that is, the area between two rivers was called mesopotamian.

  • The present Iraq located in the north of the Persian Gulf in western Asia was called Mesopotamia in ancient times. The civilization of Mesopotamia was born and developed in the middle region of Dajla and Farat two rivers.

  •  Babylonia in the Sumerian beach and the Assyrian civilization in the north, on the mouth of these rivers, this proverb has been circulated in the context of these civilizations.

  •  Sumeria gave birth to civilization; Babylonia brought it to the peak of Genesis and Assyria adopted it in other words. 

  • Sumeria, Babylonia, and Assyria, the civilization that developed from the convergence of these three civilizations, called the civilization of Mesopotamia Gaya. 

  • There are four famous civilizations in Mesopotamia - Sumeria, Babylonian, Assyria, Caldria. 

  • Two rivers inhabit the first city of human civilization between Dajla and Farat on the land.

  •  Evidence of Mesopotamian civilization has been found for around 3,000 years since the fourth century BC.

  •  In the first century BC, many cities like Babylon and Nineveh had settled down.

  • Bricks were made of smooth clay. The drains built for the disposal of muddy water of the houses were similar to the cities of Mohangoddo and Harappa.

      • For the guardian deity of the city, the temple was built on a pond or a wall of a hill or holy place in the holy area of ​​the city. Which was called 'Jiggurat'.

        • Later, the people of the country used to make coins for trade and trade and invent a variety of distributions for measuring the weights.

        • Babylonian was a famous trading center of western countries.

          • Due to lack of circulation, silver or gold pieces were used for exchange.

          • The people of Mesopotamia had close business relations with India and China.

          • The oxen used to draw chariots.

          • The second main occupation of the people here was animal husbandry.

          • Sichai was made by rivers and canals.

          • Trade was through water and land logos.

          • Fruits and vegetables were also cultivated.

          • The cultivation of wheat, barley and maize was done more.

          • Due to the land being fertile, the main occupation of the people of the country was agriculture.

          • Prostitution and polygamy (for upper class only) was also prevalent.

          • The widow had the right to sell husband's property.
          • Pictures on the walls of the house were also made.

          • The curtain practice was confined to the Raj family only. * Dowry * was prevalent, but the bride had the right to receive dowry from her father in marriage.

          • People of this civilization won ethical life.

          • In the construction of arches, pillars and domes, the people of Mesopotamia also gave new direction to the world.

          • To see the time, the sunglasses and sunglasses were also invented.

          • He also made an almanac and also knew the causes of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

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