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        Ancient Unani civilization

  • In ancient Unani civilization, family decisions were made unanimously. In society, women also participated in public works similar to men.

  • In the ancient Unani civilization, on occasion of marriage, the wife's father used to give the groom a groom and the daughter's daughter used to give them some money dowry. The girl had the right over this money.

  • In this period there are many testimonies of struggle for beautiful women.

  • Some scholars in the ancient Unani civilization regard the kidnapping of Troy's war as well as the king of Sparta, the King of Troy. According to Aliad, a TRIAN prince, Paris, the ruler and his brother took the help of other states and after 10 years of war, defeated TRAIN and defeated TRAI.

  • In this period the hero who showed extraordinary courage in the war would become a sect. People used to live ordinary life in this period. The women of the rich class, Samant had some people who did not even serve the army, but also worked in the fields.
  • In the ancient Unani civilization, people used to wear cotton and woolen garments and one garment wrapped on the lower part of the body and used to wrap another body on the upper part.

  • People used to live barefoot in homes. But we used to wear shoes on the outside. Both men and women used to have hairstyle and there was a tradition of keeping a mustard mustache.

  • Greece is a mountain peninsula, located on the eastern Mediterranean. Due to the hill area, only one quarter of the area is agricultural.

  • Due to its shanty hills being surrounded by mountains, due to the presence of many good ports here and near Asia and Africa, the citizens here can come in contact with the Babylonians, Asia Minor and Egyptian civilizations.

  • Early Greeks were animal husbandry and cultivators, and in this climate, agriculture and grapefruit crops were possible.

  • Because of the lack of agricultural land in ancient Unani civilization, when the population increased, many people began to earn their livelihood from fishing business and trade and liquor was also being exported.

  • By May 2000 - 1400 BC, the influence of the Mayonian civilization on Greece and its impact on Crete.

  • These people had considerable influence in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and due to being a good sailor, their business started from Black Sea to the Nile and also in Funciasia.

  • The people of the Maya civilization used to export olive oil, honey, and liquor

  • Instead, gold, precious stones, grains and cloths were made in their own country.

  • His city was the capital of Nauss, where his ruler had built a magnificent temple.

  • Around 80 BC, the people of the Aeonian people attacked the Greek Peninsula and settled here and later they also took control of southern Greece.

  • In the ancient Unani civilization, they expanded their empire with trade and victories. In 1400 BC, they also took control of Aegean and Naussos.

  • In the history of Greece, the Asian people attacked Troy under the leadership of their Mycnian king in 1250 BC, which was then a major trading force.

  • First of all, these wars are described in Homer's two epics, Iliad and Odesi. It was Homer's 9th cen. B.C. Had written in

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