Asia Facts in ENGLISH (Interesting facts related to the Asia continent)

                       ASIA FACTS 

  • The word Asia (Asia) is derived from the Hebrew word asu, which literally means rising from the sun.

  • Asia is the largest continent of the world, spread over 30% of the area of ​​the world, the continent of Asia is the only continent that passes all the three latitudes, the equator, the Kirk Island attractant.

  • Arctic Ocean in the north of Asia (India), Indian Ocean in the south and The Pacific Ocean is in the East. In the west of Asia, the Ural Mountains, Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea make up the boundaries of Asia and Europe.

  • Mount Everest is Mount Everest (8850 meters), the world's highest mountain peak in Asia (Asia), which is located in Nepal, where it is known as Sagarmatha. 

  • The world's most extensive plateau is the Tibetan Plateau Asia, which is spread over 2 lakh sq km in Central Asia. 

  • Asia is the world's highest plateau in the world, "Pamir Mountain", whose height is 4875 meters, due to which the plateau of Paman is " Between the World Roof "(Roof of the World) country is  Asia.

  •  In the world's most populous's largest country in terms of area in China Asia and the smallest Maldives (Maldives).

  • Singapore is the world's largest population density in Asia (Asia). 

  • Desertification of Asia (whose border does not cover the sea) is Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Laos.

  • Kazakhstan is the largest country in the tranquil country, followed by Mongolia.

  • The longest river in Asia is Yangxi and the maximum depth is Dead Sea (397 meters). In Asia, the world's deepest sea trough is the Mariana trough Mariana Trench (11022 meters deep) in the Pacific Ocean, along with the Philippines Islands (Philippines).

  • The world's deepest lake Baikal Lake (1,840 meter deep and 1485 meters deep from the sea level) is located in Asia.

  • the world's largest lake Caspian Sea Caspian Sea (371800 km² wide) is located in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Located in Asia, Asia's largest rainforest in the Asia-Pacific, Asia's largest rainforest lake is located at Pangong Lake Pangong Tso (4267 meters high) in Asia.

  • Region Maasinram (11405 mm) is in Meghalaya (before that Cherrapunji was the highest rainfall place), the world's highest railway line has been built in China. 

  • The length of this railway line is 5072 meters, extending from China's provincial province to Lhasa of Tibet.

  • Asia's longest platform (Uttar Pradesh) in India is located in India. It has a length of 1.3 km. Kharagpur was the longest platform in the world, 

  • the world's largest newspaper reader is HongKong.

  • India is the world's largest post office Asia's major falling person in the Pacific Ocean, Nadia Hagno, Amur, Siking and Yangtie-C-KING, Arctic Lina, Obe and Yenese, the major rivers of Asia falling in the ocean.

  • Asian countries of the Mediterranean climate - (Cyprus), (Jordan), (Turkey), (Israel), (Lebanon).

  • Asia is the most densely inhabited island (Java) and the largest producer and cane producing country in Asia is Bangladesh and India respectively.

  • Most hydro power in Asia has been developed in Japan. 

  • Asia's longest railroad trans-Siberian railroad is Moves from Leningrad to Bladiovostak. Its length is 9438 km.

  • Asia's longest tunnel is the Seikan Japan, which is 53.85 km long. Its depth is 240 meters above sea level. 

  • Asia is the largest producer and exporter of Asia Thailand (Thailand), Malaysia  and Indonesia .

  • The country of Asia is the world's largest producer of tobacco, wheat, rice, cotton etc.

  • Place in Asia: Asia is the world's largest producer of raw silk derived from silkworms bred on Japan's mulberry leaves, the world's largest rubber producer in Asia Country to Thailand (Thailand) .

  • India is the largest producer of mango, which produces 12 million tonnes annually. 

  • There are only two countries in the world (India and China) whose population is above 1 billion and both are in Asia. 

  • The largest shopping malls are located in Asia, seven of the world's largest cities (by population) are located in Asia only.

  •  It is interesting to get 100 years old but do you know that Japan is the only country? Where 50,000 Sector is already more people over the age of 100 years .

  • It is common for China to name the names of any event in China, due to this reason there are more than 4000 people, namely, the name of the name Olympic Games, which is called Aoyun in Chinese. 

  • The most spoken language in the world is not English but Menderine is the Chinese language, which More than 1 billion people speak.

  • Arabian Desert, found in Saudi Arabia, is the world's longest desert desert. In most of the countries, there are two, three or five official languages. But there are 30 official languages ​​in India and 12 in Indonesia.

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