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                  Sultanate Period                    

                 (Slave Dynasty )
                   Qutbuddin Aibak
  • The Ghulam dynasty was founded in 1208 AD by Qutbuddin Aibak. He was the slave of Ghori, Ghulam is said to be Badi in Persian and was bought for military service.
  •  Qutbuddin Aibak performed his kingdom on 24 June 1206.
  • Qutbuddin Aibak built his capital in Lahore
  • Qutub Minar was built by Qutub Din Aibak.
  • Aubak had constructed the Kuwaiti Ul Islam Mosque of Delhi, the mosque of Ajmer's Dai Din, a mosque named as "Shada".
  • Aibak's death will be falling from the horse when he is playing chaughan in 1210 AD, it will be buried in Lahore.
  • Aubak's successor aramshah, who ruled for only 8 months.
  • Iltutmish was the slave of Aibak
  • Iltutmish sat on the throne of Delhi in 1211 AD killing Aramsha.
  • At the time of Aibak's death, he was Governor of Badayu.
  • Iltutmish moved from Lahore to the capital and brought the capital to Delhi.
  • Iltutmish was the first ruler who received legal sanction of sultan from Baghdad's Khalifa in 1219 AD.
  • Iltutmish died on April 1236 AD.
  • After Iltutmish, his son Ruknudin Firuz was sitting on the throne.
  • It was an inept ruler, and his mother Shah Turkan was roaming on his short-term rule.

                        Razia begum
  • By removing Ruknuddin, he took Razia to the throne, thus, Razia Begum was the first Muslim woman to take over the reins of the regime.
  • Razia started leaving the curtain system and wearing kaba hat like men and started going to the open court in the courtroom.
  • With Razia's efforts, the Turks and the rich turned against him and he was removed from the throne.
  • After marrying Razia's marriage with Aluyaia, Razia tried to regain her position but she failed.
  • Razia was murdered on 13 October 1240 by the bandits in Kaithal.

           THE END OF Slave Dynasty

  • Muizuddin Bahram Shah was seated on the throne.
  • Bharamsa was arrested and taken to custody in May 1242. 
  • After Shah Ram, Delhi's Sultan Alauddin Masood Shah was formed in 1242 AD.
  •  In 1246 AD, after the conspiracy by the conspiracy, Alauddin Masood Shah removed Alauddin Masood Shah from Sultan and made Naseeruddin Mahmud the sultan. 
  • Nasrudin Mahmud was such a sultan who used to live his life by doing coconut and Balban married his daughter with Nasruddin Mahmud.
  •  The real name of Bablwan's Iltutmish slave Thabalban, started the Navroj festival based on the Parsi customs. 
  • In the Babel 1266, Gasasuddin is sitting on Delhi's throne under the name of Balban, succeeding in protecting Delhi from Mongol invasion.
  •  In the court, Baljuna was initiated by the Sijda and Pabos tradition. Balban has followed the strict iron and blood policy against his opponents. 
  • In Nasiruddin Hoodood used Amir Khusraamir Hasan, the famous poet of Parsi in the court of Balban, to give Balban the title of Oulg Khan. 
  • The last shahbuddin was the kmstha of the Gulaul dynasty.

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