Sultanate Period ,Khilji dynasty (1290 to 1320 AD)

                        Sultanate Period

              Khilji dynasty (1290 to 1320 AD)


  • After the ending of the Ghulam dynasty, Jalaluddin Firoz Khilji founded the Khilji dynasty on 13 June 1290. 
  • He made Khalkari his capital. In the year 1296 AD, his nephew and son-in-law Alauddin Khilji committed suicide in Kadamanikpur, Allahabad. 
  • October 22, 1296 Alauddin in Delhi, Alauddin, the sultan of Delhi, was named Ali and Gurshop. 
  • Allauddin Khilji, who laid the foundation of the army for cash salaries and the permanent army. 
  • Alauddin Khilji had the most powerful army in the rulers of Delhi, the practice of horse stains and the writing of hymns of the soldiers was started by Alauddin Khilji. 
  • Alauddin increased the rate of land revenue by dividing the produce into 1 divided by 2, he looted the money Part of the Sultan divided into 1 divided by 4 divided by 3 divided by 4 divided by it, it implemented the price control system firmly in its reign. 
  • Not Khilji Fort thousand pillars castle of Make- Jmayt food mosque Alai door Siri
  • By the title of sikandra  A. Sani himself, Alauddin Khilji had declared himself.
  •  There were two innovations made by alauddin khilji- climbing-the milk animals were used. 
  • They were used in the houses-houses or cottages.
  • Alawadin Khilji's rule In the past, Mongolo made his last invasion of India. Alauddin Khilji died on 5th January 1316 AD. 
  • Qutubuddin Mubarak Khilji was born on 1316 AD in the throne of Delhi.
  •  Sitting it looked good with nude men and women.
  •  Mubarak Khilji used to wear women's clothes in Raj Darbar sometimes, according to Barney, Mubarak used to sometimes run naked in the doors and walk among the doors. 
  • Mubarak Khalifa held the title of Khalifa.Mubarak's Wazir Khusro Kha on 15 April 1320 AD Killed him and himself took the title of the commander of the Prophet, eating Khusro sitting on Delhi's throne.

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